Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'll Take Mine Salted, Please

Last week I picked up the second issue of Salted, a surfing magazine for women, brought to you by the fine folks at Surfer Magazine. The inaugural issue quietly debuted a year ago and I suspect no one was sure when or if there'd be a second issue. Needless to say, I was pleased when i learned Surfer was going to give it another go.

You may be asking why I'd care about a surfing magazine catering to women. I have a handful of reasons, actually:

1. I love surfing regardless of who's doing it. Hell, I'd buy a surfing magazine if it catered to cats as long as the writing and photography were good.

2. I don't need to see only male surfers rip to be entertained or inspired. I'm pretty sure every single girl featured in Salted surfs better than I do. They hit the lip harder, they bet barreled more, and they surf with more style. And it's not just me. They surf better than most guys. For sure. By far. These girls are pure athletes.

3. And, yes of course, most of them are absolutely beautiful. I'm not a doctor but I've been surfing long enough to know that in dedicating one's life to surfing, typically there are acute side effects like toned bodies, tan skin and beach blonde hair. 

4. These women make great role models to young girls all over the world, including my two young daughters. They are (or at least are presented as) happy, bright, culturally and environmentally conscientious and all around good, thoughtful people. Male surfers are seldom, if ever, portrayed this way. Pop Quiz: Which of the following images better conveys surfing?

Personally, I'm more proud to be associated with the first photo than the second. 

Also, Salted does a great job celebrating them as real people; no anorexic, vapid swimsuit models who've been more airbrushed than a Chip Foose muscle car.

This edition of Salted features exotic travel pieces to places as diverse as Iceland, a secret spot in Mexico, and an island off the coast of China. In addition, there's an introduction to a group of female big wave surfers that all big wave surfing fans should take note of. Until this article, I thought the list of hell women who charged monster surf started and stopped at Keala Kennelly, Maya Gabeira and Sarah Gerhardt. The feature piece in this issue is an interview with Lisa Anderson, a radical, pioneering surfer who I followed as a kid as much as I did Martin Potter and Tom Curren. It was great learning about her struggles and triumphs and that she's still as stoked and waterlogged as she's ever been.

In all, if you love surfing you'll love Salted. Hopefully we won't have to wait a whole 'nother year for issue #3.

Until next time, may your waves be head high and glassy and with lots of surfer girls in the line up.