Friday, September 27, 2013

More Duct Tape

In early June a video was posted on Yahoo, as well as many other sites I'm sure, of a surfer in Australia surfing with his friend's mom, a paraplegic, duct-taped to his back. As it should have, the video and accompanying story went viral. I too was moved by this tale of love and trust and wrote about it on this blog (to read my entry and learn the back-story and see the original video, click here). did a nice feature too.

More recently, the physical and emotional bond between these two surfers was showcased using GoPro's kick ass products and technology. As with many GoPro user videos, viewers get an up close and very personal look into the fun people are having out there. Our dynamic duo in Oz are no exception as you'll see in this video.

Once again, this story and image captures the true essence of surfing: communing with nature and sharing the thrill with a friend.

Until next time, may your waves be head high and glassy.