Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ode to Fall

Welcome back Fall, or Autumn as the more sophisticated (but less passionate) know you.
In the depths of winter, we pine away for Spring and Summer, for sun and warmth
But they bring crowds and small waves. And with them disillusion and disappointment.

It's Fall that's really the best.
You're like the girl next door, Fall,
The one we overlook, too busy ogling at the popular girl.

But Summer, she's overrated, Fall is not.
Those in the know give her a wink and a nod, calling her "Indian Summer;"
The slipper fits so wear it with pride, Fall.

Every year she brings warm weather, smaller crowds and offshore winds
Together they remind us:
Hey, I live here and this place is pretty special this time of year.

Soon there will be pumpkins, turkeys and Christmas trees, and all are welcome 
But right now there are no distractions. 
Just beautiful weather and a feeling of serenity. Of harmony. Of here and nowness.

Thank you Fall. 
For bringing groundswells, beautifully groomed waves 
And a reminder how great it is to be alive. 

I ain’t no poet and now you know it. Until next time, may your waves be head high and glassy.